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Have you entertained the idea of receiving orthodontic work but are petrified of the concept of metal braces? Metal braces can be a common worry amongst adults, and we understand. Although traditional metal braces are becoming more common and popular among adults, many would still like the option of receiving a less obvious form of treatment. Luckily for the people in Brentwood, we offer the orthodontic option of Invisalign to help straighten smiles. 


What is Invisalign? 

Invisalign is a form of orthodontics that can straighten your smile quickly and discreetly. Most patients that take advantage of Invisalign want to receive treatment without drawing too much attention to their smile. 

Invisalign does the same thing as braces in pushing or pulling teeth into the desired position. The only difference is the materials used. With metal braces, brackets and archwires are bonded to the teeth and tightened and loosened to move the teeth. Invisalign utilizes multiple, slightly different sets of customized clear retainers to move the teeth. 

After meeting with our orthodontic specialist and developing your treatment plan, we will take impressions of your smile. We use these impressions to create molds that allow us to make customized aligners. 

The patient wears each set of retainers for two to three weeks, and then the patient is given a new set to continue the teeth’s movement. Each set of aligners is different and will help your smile progress on the right path. 


Who can get Invisalign? 

Typically, we suggest Invisalign to our adult patients seeking orthodontic care because aligners can be slightly more expensive than an alternative treatment and because aligners are removable and could become lost. Although our most frequent patient demographic to take advantage of Invisalign is adults, we have helped some teenagers enhance their smile with clear aligners. 

You can only opt for Invisalign as your course of orthodontic treatment by seeing a dental professional or orthodontist. From examining your smile through photos, X-rays, an examination, and oral health history, they can suggest Invisalign. 


Benefits of Invisalign 

There are significant benefits to receiving orthodontic treatment in general, but there are specific benefits surrounding Invisalign that you can’t get through any other treatment. 

  • Invisalign aligners are removable and only worn for at least 22 hours each day. With the aligners being removable, patients can remove them to eat and brush and floss their teeth. 
  • With traditional braces, it is common for patients to decrease oral health due to poor brushing and flossing. With aligners being removable, patients can adequately clean their teeth each morning and night, reducing the risk of cavities and the need for restorative work. 
  • Depending on the severity of your smile and what you would like corrected, your Invisalign is more likely to take less time than traditional treatment. Most Invisalign treatment plans can last anywhere from 10-12 months. 
  • Overall the best and most beneficial benefit of Invisalign is that they are barely noticeable. Patients can be overwhelmed with the idea that their smile stands out and can bring unwanted attention. Having invisible aligners limits the staring and will increase your confidence in your appearance while enhancing your smile. The best way to improve your smile while feeling great about yourself. 


Invisalign in Brentwood 

We offer different types of orthodontic care at Ackerman and Towson Dentistry to best serve the residents in Brentwood and our surrounding area. Suppose you are unsure which kind of treatment to take advantage of. In that case, we encourage you to come into our office or schedule a consultation appointment with one of our dental professionals. By speaking with one of us, we can help diagnose specific issues and recommend the best type of treatment for you, specifically.