Family Dentistry Ackerman Towson Dentistry dentist in brentwood, oakley, antioch california Dr. Kevin Ackerman, DDS, BS Dr. Eric Towson, DDS, BSFamily Dentistry in Brentwood, California

Help your whole family achieve a beautiful and healthy smile with family dentistry from Ackerman & Towson Dentistry. Here in Brentwood, California, we strive to make dentistry convenient and affordable for families in the area. With our focus on preventative dentistry, we will help you and your family achieve the healthy smiles of your dreams. 


Convenient Dentist in Brentwood, California

At Ackerman & Towson Dentistry, we pride ourselves on being a convenient dental office. One of the perks of going to a family dentist is that you and your family can schedule appointments back-to-back. Scheduling convenient appointments means less running back and forth between the dentist. Additionally, anyone in your family can be seen at Ackerman & Towson Dentistry, including both your youngest and oldest family members. Now you can say goodbye to going to multiple dental offices to improve your family’s oral health. Ackerman & Towson Dentistry is the one place that you can go to help improve your family’s dental health. 


Dentist Focuses on Family Oral Health in Brentwood, California 

Many of our patients and families love Ackerman & Towson Dentistry because we focus on preventative oral health for the whole family. We encourage families to practice good oral health at home and in our dental office. One way to practice oral health in our office is to visit Ackerman & Towson Dentistry every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. We will remove any plaque and tartar at the dental cleaning that you cannot remove at home with a regular toothbrush. Removing tartar helps to prevent dental decay and the need for dental fillings. Additionally, your dentist will examine your teeth’s overall health at your dental exam. They will determine if any restorative dentistry procedures need to be done to prevent worsening oral health conditions. 

At home, we encourage our patients to practice good oral health through brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash two times per day. We recommend a good oral routine every morning and night. When brushing your teeth, ensure that you are brushing in a ‘C’ motion. It is important to brush in a ‘C’ action to touch both the gums and the teeth. 


Dentistry for all Ages in Brentwood, California

Our dental office in Brentwood, California, offers dentistry for all ages. For your younger family members, we provide pediatric dentistry. We recommend that your infant visits the dentist when their first tooth erupts. Bring your child into our office if it does not erupt by their first birthday. We also offer Invisalign clear aligners for teens and adults. We will help you straighten your smile while maintaining good oral health with these services. We offer dental fillings, crowns, and bridges for all ages. Many of our older patients prefer our dental implant services, where we can attach a denture to four dental implants that sit in your gums. For more information about the dental services for each family member, visit our service page or call our office. 


Family Emergency Dentistry 

Call our office right away if one of your family members has a dental emergency, such as a broken crown or a knocked-out tooth. We will schedule you for an emergency dental appointment. 

Having a family dentist that you can count on is priceless. At Ackerman & Towson Dentistry, we are a family dentist for many families in Brentwood, California, and surrounding areas. We specialize in several dental procedures and can help your family reach their oral health needs. Our office offers all major dental procedures, from Invisalign to preventative dentistry to dental implants. For more information about family dentistry or to schedule an appointment, call our office today.