Fast, Safe, Effective Teeth Whitening in Brentwood

Your teeth are already white. Foods, drinks, and cigarette smoking can stain and dull your natural white over time. Teeth also naturally darken with age. Don’t worry, because the white is still there. Ackerman Towson Family Dentistry in Brentwood can help you bring it back. We provide the best, fastest, safest teeth whitening options.

Teeth Whitening Can Bring Back the Gleam

You want your teeth to be naturally white, bright, and gleaming. We understand, and we can help you restore that natural beauty. We can whiten your teeth several shades using safe, effective methods. 

Professional Teeth Whitening Can Bring Back the Safety

Maybe you’ve thought about getting at-home whitening kits from the grocery store. The chemicals they use can be harsh and unhealthy for your teeth and gums. 

Professional methods at Ackerman Towson Family Dentistry in Brentwood are more safe and effective. Dr. Ackerman and Dr. Towson will include gum and lip protection to ensure the peroxide will have a minimal impact on your teeth, gums, and lips. Sensitivity can also be a concern before and after teeth whitening. We’ll treat your teeth to ensure you feel comfortable during and after the teeth-whitening process. 

Teeth Whitening Can Bring Back the Effectiveness

Maybe you’ve already tried home whitening solutions. If so, it doesn’t surprise us that you’re interested in professional treatment. Home treatments can take longer. Even so, the results you achieve after spending your valuable time and hard-earned money may not be as white and shiny as you expected. 

Teeth whitening by Ackerman Towson Family Dentistry is the best whitening solution. After each round of your tooth-whitening process, we’ll use a professional blue-light machine, which is not included in the home-whitening kits. You’ll notice immediate results. 

The Most Effective Way to Whiten Teeth

Reach out to us at Ackerman Towson Family Dentistry in Brentwood, and we’ll set up a consultation. We’ll help you understand the process, answer your questions, and provide pricing options.

At Ackerman Towson Family Dentistry in Brentwood, we’re creating smile after smile. After many years and many happy customers, our effective treatment results from our experience. 

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

Every person has a unique set of teeth with different needs. Dr. Ackerman and Dr. Towson and the friendly, professional staff at Ackerman Towson Family Dentistry will help you understand the best treatment options and costs. Our competitive rates will make that smile not only whiter but also more prominent.  

Should I Whiten My Teeth with Over-the-Counter Products? 

At Ackerman and Towson, we recommend that patients use professional whitening products instead of over-the-counter products. Professional whitening products are more effective, but they can also leave more consistent results. We create a custom-made whitening tray at Ackerman and Towson to apply your whitening solution. The custom tray ensures that the whitening solution reaches all the crevices on your tooth. Our whitening trays create a more consistent teeth whitening experience. 

Another advantage of teeth whitening from Ackerman and Towson is that our office uses a professional whitening solution. With this solution, it will take less time to achieve the white appearance of your dreams. Over-the-counter whitening solutions are not as strong as professional solutions, causing patients to wait longer for a whiter appearance. Some whitening solutions will not get as white as professional solutions. 

We also recommend professional whitening solutions because your dentist can examine the health of your teeth before you undergo treatment. It is essential to determine if your teeth are healthy enough for whitening treatment before using a professional or over-the-counter one. 

It’s the Right Approach

Teeth whitening in Abbeville is easy if you take the right approach. Call, click, or stop by. We’ll help you understand the difference between our professional teeth-whitening services in Abbeville and alternative solutions. Set an appointment today. We’ll bring back that natural white that is already there.